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A little over 12 years ago I kissed my husband goodbye for the last time as he headed out the door for what would be his last shift. That day our lives were forever changed. We went from a family of five just living the American dream to a family of four trying to pick up the pieces of our broken hearts. It is difficult realizing how much life has happened without him.

Although Wayne's loss and everything surrounding it was the hardest thing to go through, I thank God that I had him in my life. Even if it had to be for a short time, at least I had the opportunity to experience the great person he was. Having the privilege of knowing him has made me a better person and I am fortunate to have had him at all.

I believe Wayne still has a hand in our lives today. I see it every day in my children's faces and it makes me smile. There is so much of Wayne that lives on in them. I know that there will always be a twinge of pain now and then it is only because of the important place that he held and always will hold in my heart. Someday we will have the knowledge of why awful things happen. Wayne was everything to Justin, Gabrielle, Nicholas and me. We will forever love and miss him every day of our lives.

I want to thank the law enforcement community for continuing to do the jobs you do knowing what can happen. Thank you for your bravery. God bless you all.

Grace Leon, Wife of Patrolman Wayne Leon

Aug 17, 2012


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